The Best Car Driving Lessons

When doing a basic internet search, you’ll find dozens of driving instructors in your area. From here, you can research their business pages to compare each one of the instructors. I recommend taking an in-depth look at reviews on places like Yelp and Google Reviews

One of the key components you should keep an eye out for is the pass rate. Instructors will often list the pass rate on their website, but this is a difficult statistic to verify. Compare the pass rate to the general sentiments found in the comments of their reviews. If the numbers don’t quite add up, you should be cautious when considering their quoted pass rate.

For example, an instructor could claim to have a specific pass rate or the percentage of students who graduated their course and went on to get their driver’s license. But if you are reading comments online, and you are finding far more people saying that they didn’t pass, or that they passed but felt very unprepared for the exam, you may want to stay away from that particular instructor.

Another great way to find reviews is on social media. Now more than ever, in-car instructors have begun advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. They know that their business is designed for teens and that teens are most likely to use these websites. The flip side of this, of course, is that today’s teens tend to be very honest on the internet. This means that they will leave honest reviews on the social media pages of their driving instructors. This too could prove to be a great measuring tool when evaluating potential in-car driving instructors.

The last method you can use to find potential driving instructors is merely talking to your friends and family. Other parents who you associate with likely find themselves in similar situations looking for a driving instructor who can be trusted. Often, the reviews from your peers are more trustworthy than anything you’d find online.

This is extremely common among driving schools. They will sell you a package and tell you to go on their website to set up the days and times you want to drive. Sound great, right? It is, in theory, but many driving schools have a lack of qualified instructors and they get booked up weeks or even months in advance. Most students want to drive around the same basic times and there are also seasonal fluctuations as well. Driving instructors are much more busy during the summer months, for example. Finding a driving school that doesn’t overbook can be quite challenging.

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