Your Driving Instructor’s Qualifications

After you have used reviews to narrow down the driving instructors you are considering, you’ll need to research their qualifications. There are two main types of qualifications that your instructor could have. Potential driving instructors are considered instructors in training. This means they have received their trainee license. To do so, they have undergone basic training and have passed a criminal background check. If you see a student driving an instructor’s car with a pink license in the windscreen, they are with a potential driving instructor.

On the other hand, your instructor could be fully qualified, making them an approved driving instructor. To become an approved driving instructor, candidates must pass three tests. Become an approved driving instructor gives them the ability to teach under their own driving school name. If you see a student driving an instructor’s car with a green license in the windscreen, they are with an approved driving instructor.

If your teenager completes their six hours of drive time with a potential driving instructor, they will be considered as having completed the license requirement set forth by the state of California. Of course, the difference between the two is experience and cost. An approved driving instructor has more experience and training than a potential driving instructor.

Where this comes into play is the program’s curriculum. The best in-car driving instructors will tailor their instruction to the learning methods of each student. Approved driving instructors have significantly more experience handling this, meaning there’s a better chance that your child will better retain information when practicing with an approved driving instructor. As a result, these instructors will likely have better online reviews.

Training with an approved driving instructor in California will be costlier than training with a potential driving instructor, but many deem this a cost to be well worth it. Many parents feel that they cannot place a price tag on keeping their children safe. The lessons that teens learn with their in-car driving instructor will stick with them for the rest of their lives. These lessons are the building blocks that serve as the foundation of their driving career.

There are very plenty of knowledgeable driving instructors throughout California. For example, instructors like myself recommend services like this. The program has been in existence for over 25 years and has proved successful time and time again. No doubt you’ve seen their little mini-cooper driver’s ed cars around.

Once you have found an instructor you are satisfied with, you should crosscheck them with the database provided by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. On their website, you can lookup any in-car driving instructor by name and region. You’ll want to make sure that any certifications listed on the driver’s site match up with the information found on the state’s website.

Obviously, if an instructor comes up on the state’s website as having not been certified, you’ll want to avoid working with this instructor. Not only can this prove to be dangerous, but your child won’t receive any credit for their state licensing requirements.

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